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2017 Book Lists

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2017 Start Dates

The College Office Reopens on Wednesday 18 January 2017
Teaching Staff Return on Monday 30 January 2017
Students in Years 7 and 12 commence on Wednesday 1 February
Students in Years 8-11 commence on Thursday 2 February


Uniform Shop Dates

Our Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open on:
Tuesday 31 January 2017 12 - 1.30pm
Thursday 2 February 2017 12 - 1.30pm

The Bob Stewart Uniform Shop will be open on:
Saturday 14 January 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 17 January 9.30am - 1pm
Thursday 19 January 12pm - 4pm
Tuesday 24 January 12 - 4pm
Wednesday 25 January 12 - 4pm
Saturday 28 January 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 31 January 12 - 4pm




At the College we are trying to not only inspire our students but strengthen the ties between our old collegians and our current day students and build a stronger, wider community. Two years ago we set up a program to invite past students back to the College, to not only talk about their successes, but their struggles along the way in the hope to build resilience, confidence and the hunger to conquer their dreams.

On Thursday 17 March two Australian Airforce Fighter Planes on their way to the Grand Prix pierced the Yarra Valley skies as they made their way over Mount Lilydale Mercy College!

One of the F/A-18 Hornets was piloted by a Mount Lilydale Mercy College Old Collegian. The pilot, Adam, who cannot be fully identified for security reasons, graduated from the College in 2001. Last year he returned to the College to speak to the Year Eleven students in an effort to inspire the students to reach for the skies - and he did! The program implemented by the Old Collegians and Year Eleven Coordinator encourages past students to come back and share not only their successes but the many setbacks they may have experienced along the way. We want our students to be resilient!  So far we have had many past students offering their services, including Doctors, Nurses, A Veterinarian, Opera Director, Park Ranger, Lawyer, social worker, Refugee advocate, a Film Maker and many more!

For our Adam, it was the failures that inspired him to keep going. After graduating from Mount Lilydale, he went on to study aerospace at RMIT for two years but did not complete the course. After a year out in the workforce, he decided to have another crack at his dream and applied for the Australian Airforce and was accepted in 2005.

Since then, this Old Collegian has been flying some of the fastest and most technologically advanced aircrafts in the world. He has fond memories of Mount Lilydale and was very enthusiastic about coming back and inspiring the students. ...and what better way to come back than in a F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Plane!

The two F/A-18 Hornets passed directly over the College with students forming MLMC on the ground. College students were joined by the whole of Lilydale Primary School. 

A video clip of the flyover can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0GILI-DR6yEETiSJFBDDgw



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